Commodity Information

Harvest 2015/16 Opening Segregations

For each commodity stored at Nhill Bulk Handling, comprehensive information resources including GTA trading standards and classification etc are available.

Nhill Bulk Handling Segregations 2015-16



F1, F2, F3, F4, GA1 (Gairdner), GMIN, CO1 (Commander), CMIN, SO1 (Scope), SMIN, HIND (Hindmarsh), LA1 (LaTrobe). LMIN

GTA Barley Trading Standards 2015-16



H1, H2, APW1, ASW1, AGP1, SFW1, FED1

GTA Wheat Trading Standards 2015-16

GTA Wheat Statement of Standards 2015-16



To Be Confirmed

Australian Oilseeds Federation Standards 2015-16



Milling (CSG-31), Feed (CSG-32)

Oats Trading Standards 2015-16



Faba Beans - FIE 1, FIE 3

Pulse Australia Standards 2015-16


The above Segregations are subject to change based on seasonal conditions and harvest demand.