Our Services

For many years the site has provided an excellent pricing point for Marketers to purchase grain for both the Western District and South East domestic markets, Containerised Markets via Port Melbourne to all regions across Asia, bulk exports through Portland, Geelong, Melbourne or Port Adelaide Terminals.


Grain Receival

At Nhill Bulk Handling, we will process your deliveries as quickly as possible. We will accurately sample and classify your grain, facilitate the sale to marketers or safely store your grain for later sale or redemption.

When you deliver you can choose to:

  • Sell upon delivery (via daily cash and pool prices posted on site), or
  • Warehouse

To keep you informed with the latest up to date information on daily prices, Nhill Bulk Handling also offer a Daily Harvest Email or Short Message Service (SMS) direct to your mobile phone. To register for this service please complete the Daily Harvest Email / SMS Registration form.

Nhill Bulk Handling Daily Harvest SMS & Email Registration Form

Strict Occupational Health and Safety policies apply at all times whilst on the Nhill Bulk Handling site.

Nhill Bulk Handling’s Storage and Handling Agreement, together with Terms and Conditions for Grower Warehousing are provided for your reference.

Nhill Bulk Handling Storage & Handling Agreement 2015-16

Nhill Bulk Handling Grower Warehousing Agreement 2015-16

Nhill Bulk Handling Grower Warehousing Discounted Offer 27/11/2015


Grain Outturns

Nhill Bulk Handling will help growers to redeem their warehoused stock. Growers who warehouse their grain with Nhill Bulk Handling can redeem their entitlement at a later time subject to site and grain availability. Grain may be out-turned either through bulk packing into containers or bulk haulage transport. Once an Outturn Order Request has been made and confirmation provided, Nhill Bulk Handling will facilitate the outturn.

Nhill Bulk Handling Grower Warehouse Title Transfer Form


Container Packing

Nhill Bulk Handling also offers bulk grain containerisation services in conjunction with the grain storage site at Nhill. The 20’ sea containers are transport by road/rail via Horsham to the container terminal facilities at the Port of Melbourne.